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Residential Deep Cleaning Services

Active mopp can help everyone who wants to have a deep clean of their apartment and villa in Dubai. Eventhough a lot of people have regular cleaners, they still need their villa deeply cleaned once in a while.

Domestic cleaners maintain villas relatively clean and regular cleaner do clean offices, but in many cases they either do not pay attention to the smallest details or do not have enough time to clean absolutely everything in property.

Do you know that there is a lot more to do than what a regular cleaner does? Active Mopp Dubai, offers you a thorough clean services for your villa, apartment or offices which will be performed by a team of professional cleaners. Our deep cleaning services are a thorough clean of the whole property and the scope of our in depth clean are as follows

Hard Floor- Brushing, Machine Scrubbing, Steam cleaning of grout and Mopping.

Windows- Cleaning all external and internal windows and window frames.

Doors- Wipe down all doors, doors frames and applying polish.

Toilets and Bath- Deep wash and steam cleansing of tiled walls, sanitary wares, washbasins mirrors and toilets fittings.

Kitchen- Machine Scrubbing and steam cleansing of kitchen floors, deep wash of kitchen tiled walls, sinks,worktops and cabinets.

Staircases- Sweep and mop steps, dump wipe hand rails, squeaky clean of electrical switches and plugs

Balconies- Cleaning of railings, scrubbing floors and wipe down windows.

Steam Cleansing of Grout